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Meet Stacy, Creator + Founder of Henmar Creative

Local SEO content agency

Content creation for B2B + B2C marketing.

Exceptional SEO writing with an optional twist of tomfoolery.

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  • Case studies
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  • Personal finance stories
  • Blog articles
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  • Landing pages
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Let’s write something freaky good together.

10 reasons why you should hire Henmar Creative:

  1. The founder, Stacy, is a total freak of nature when it comes to writing content that ranks for SEO. (i.e., Getting content to rank on Google on the first page.)
  2. She’s a delightful person to know. Stacy can play 5 chords on the ukulele, speak twenty words of Dutch and jog really slowly, for really long periods of time, without ever once stopping to walk.
  3. She once got kicked out of a Target store for using too many print coupons at once and will tell you about it — if your hire her.
  4. She’s a tough old bird who will get sh*t done. She’s a Millennial which means she’s no longer entitled and spoiled; she’s passed down that torch to the Zoomers.
  5. She’s an above-average human being, confident in her ability to outshine mediocre people everywhere who have jobs they are not even remotely qualified to do. With mediocre aplomb.
  6. She can write “normal things” too. This includes articles and web content about enterprise software, VPNs, college savings funds, retail news, clothing, sustainability, side hustles and cover letters of questionable taste.
  7. She’ll come eat donuts with you at any hour of the day.
  8. She has an insanely awesome work hub in Uptown with astro-turf obstacle courses, two climbing walls, and G.I. Yoga Joes.
  9. She keeps getting (re)hired by the same clients: local creative agencies, national news sites, clothing brands and small business owners.
  10. She’s got hustle for days. Laid off on Feb. 6 (Independence Day!), she’s hustled in 2 dozen repeat clients and 100s of projects.

“If you think I’m funny, you should buy me a brandy. If you think I’m insane, you should give me a job. Or be safe; do both!” — Stacy Garrels

“Hire me and I’ll prove to you why the Peter Principle is true.” — Stacy Garrels

“Everything you see I owe to donuts and chicken nuggets.” — Stacy Garrels


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“…I’m confident in my ability to outshine mediocre people everywhere who have jobs they are not even remotely qualified for.”

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