When is Chatbot Replacing You?

I get that question a lot, more pointedly phrased to ask if chatbots will be edging out me specifically. Chat GPT isn’t there yet, and whether or not it will ever get there is debatable. 

And quite frankly, it’s the wrong question to be asking. 

Because it can produce language, people wonder if Chat GPT will replace professional word-slingers, but that ponderance ignores the technology’s vast mathematical and analytical capabilities. 

My business was born amid AI’s hyped-up headlines 

I launched my business last February, amid a backdrop of social and news headlines swooning for Chat AI. Every post was about some new robo-talent.

Chat AI is fluent in bro-speak, and it can write DMs to dupe your wife, cut business costs, and even spin out softcore porn fan fiction. (The latter is a true headline I scrolled by on X.)

But actual human-run businesses still hired me. It started with one referral which led to more referrals and repeat clients.

These are clients who are interested in Chat GPT and have dabbled with its capabilities but ultimately need a better end product than what Chat GPT, Sydney, or Bard will produce. For good writers, our jobs are not under threat.

My craft isn’t under siege

Good writers will likely be insulated from job losses that lower-quality writers will suffer. 

As a recent article in the New York Times points out, artists will be more insulated from this technology than other robotic, white-collar professions like mathematicians, engineers, or stock analysts. Mathematical jobs coming under siege – that’s the real writing on the wall.

But for right now, Chat GPT can help math types and writers do their jobs with more efficiency.

It’s true that Chat AI can write articles.

Sort of. 

I even penned an article explaining how to go through the prompts to get a decent end product. 

But it only works with a lot of caveats as the content output in its raw, undoctored state, isn’t usable. The copy is fairly well-written, but it isn’t original or factually accurate – even when drawing upon pre-2021 facts and sources.

In the same way that WebMD helps – not replaces – physicians, Chat AI is a boon for writers. It’s a helpful assistant, not a replacement. Good writers are using Chat AI to create outlines and brainstorm ideas at lightning speed, infusing their work with the efficacy of chatbots and the originality, creativity, and ethics of a high-quality human writer.

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